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We come to invite all of you to develop our coffee world in achieving the prosperous life among whole people around the world.

PT. INDOKOM CITRA PERSADA covering from the west to east of Indonesia with commitment and responsibility to support our honour customers among coffee world with quality and trust.


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Let's Build Prosperous Life For All of Us

Coffee is as soul for Mr. Saimi Saleh who begins to run this his self business at 1996 with PT. Indokom Citra Persada which operated at 1996 in Lampung and Sidoarjo at 1997.

This soul becomes the power to keep the company exist to face many challenges which most come from the world coffee market and currency fluctuation.

A commitment to be the best supplier in the coffee world is the most important value for our company and following by the dedicated team in realizing the goal to supply the best services to our customers. Both above commitments being the basic fundamental for our growth and achieving the profitable for stakeholders.

The other most important thing for competition in the coffee world by maintaining the best quality product and develop product to get customer satisfaction followed also by increasing the good service and creating the whole advantages for people including in this business, Farmers, Suppliers, Seller, Buyer until the end users.

At the end of the word, we are here inviting all of you to develop our coffee world together to achieve the prosperous life among whole people in whole word.

PT. Indokom Citra Persada


Head Office

Jl. Ir. Sutami Km.9
Bandar Lampung 35122

Phone : +62 721 350 331-3
Fax : +62 721 350 330

Branch Office

Jl. Industri Km. 2,5 Buduran
Sidoarjo 61252 - Jawa Timur

Phone : +62 31 894 5140-2
Fax : +62 31 894 5143

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